Classroom Rules and Promises - Elizabeth Morat

  • Classroom Rules and Promises
    1. BE RESPECTFUL: I will be kind and respectful at all times. I will treat myself and others with dignity. I will follow classroom rules and practices. I will keep my room neat and clean. I will use reflection to learn from my mistakes.
    2. BE RESPONSIBLE: I am ethical. I make no excuses; I take responsibility for my words and actions. I make positive choices, even when it’s difficult and no one is watching. I am a role model in supporting classroom learning. I contribute to making this classroom safe and peaceful.
    3. BE PRESENT: I will show up fully and mindfully. I will set moods (good or bad), problems, and worries aside so that I can be prepared and ready to learn. I will actively contribute to all learning activities. I will listen with intention.
Last Modified on July 11, 2019