Is ECE Right for Me? Tips for Success

  • Personal Characteristics and Social Skills
    The student
    • Has a strong desire to work with children and views them as competent and capable learners
    • Has good problem solving abilities
    • Can speak in front of an audience
    • Works effectively in groups
    • Demonstrates and models respectful behavior and body language at all times
    • Has a warm, caring, nurturing disposition• Is able to monitor time and maintain a schedule with little direction
    • Can exercise swift and good judgment regarding safety of the children
    The student
    • Is able to initiate and complete activities with little support
    • Has a ninth grade reading and math level
    • Can model effective oral English language and written English language
    • Can use written language to effectively journal and communicate a main idea
    • Has average skills in auditory processing skills, memory and sequencing
    The student
    • Must obtain a required mantoux
    • Should be in general good health and fit in order to perform in the nursery; should be free from any disorder, emotional or physical, that would preclude this
Last Modified on March 29, 2017