Cosmetology Internship Criteria

Internship - Michele Weakley

  • Salon Criteria:

    • 80 hours maximum for the two-year program
    • No more than 40 hours per salon
    • Internship hours may not be earned during school hours
    • Students are responsible for finding sites, meeting with CTEC internship coordinator and securing transportation
    • Internship site can not be owned/operated by a family member
    • There is to be no physical contact with clients while interning



    • 80% attendance (pending medical excuse)
    • Good academic standing, grade of 70 or higher
    • No discipline referrals for insubordination, disrespect, fighting
    • Attitudinal grade for each quarter must be at least 70%
    • For every ten hours of internship, within five days, a paper must be typed and turned in with the following requirements.  If more than one salon is used to obtain ten hours of internship, the paper must clearly reflect each site with the following requirements.


    1 full-page single-spaced 12-font (can be a minimum of two pages double spaced 12-font).  The paper should include:

    1. Description of experience (where, type of salon, what services provided, what you observed).
    2. Knowledge gained by participating in this internship.
    3. How will use this information you gained in your career.
    4. If you owned this salon would you do things differently? Why?


    If internship hours are earned in the summer, all papers are due the first day of school.


    Once all internship reports are completed and returned by your instructor, they will be incorporated into your portfolio.  Upon competition of all requirements, Internship hours will be awarded.


    Hours must be completed and paperwork submitted prior to May 2, 2016.