The Central Regional Partnership and Family and Community Engagement Centers (CRPC)

  • Formerly known as RSE-TASC

    The Office of Special Education (OSE) Educational Partnership is a coordinated network of supports focused on enhancing services and supports for students with disabilities from Early Childhood through School Age.

    The mission of the OSE Educational Partnership is to support and empower schools, families and communities to improve equity, access, opportunities and outcomes for students with disabilities. We provide professional development to schools, agencies, families and the community.

    The Central Region's Family And Community Engagement Center (FACE)

    The Central Region's FACE Center is made up of an Early Childhood Center that serves both families and professionals for students ages birth-5 and the School-Age Center serves ages 5-21. The mission of these centers is to promote meaningful family involvement within the educational system, build collaborative community relationships and provide information and training to providers and families to improve outcomes for all students. 

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