Community Schools Resources Coser

  • This service creates a cooperative and proactive, interagency system to deliver special services to participating districts. The goal of the CoSer is to empower families and build strong community partnerships to maximize public, non-profit and private resources, and help students thrive academically and emotionally. 

    Example of the services provided:

    • Ongoing district needs assessment and implementation related to student needs and organization system
    • Service plan development based on identified and documented needs
    • Consultation and support for district staff
    • Identifying and meeting student behavioral challenges
    • Supports for student physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health

Service Providers Information (in alphabetical order)

    • CABVI (Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired)

    • Center for Family Life and Recovery

    • Connected Community Schools
    • Helio Health

    • ICAN

    • Kelberman

    • Parallel Learning
    • R4K: A Birth to School Program

    • Safe Schools Mohawk Valley

    • Salveo Telehealth Solutions

    • Upstate Caring Partners