• This Arts-in-Education service provides a highly effective way for schools to provide arts and educational programs within their districts by bringing artists in or by going out to cultural venues.
    Arts-in-Education helps schools enrich students’ lives by providing opportunities to experience the arts. This service is designed to provide resources for schools to integrate the arts throughout the Common Core Learning Standards. 

    There must be at least two districts requesting Arts-in-Education services for aid. 

    Examples of allowable arts integration activities:

    • Dance (In-school workshops, assemblies by dance companies, field trips to dance performances.)
    • Theater (In-school performances, field trips, technical support and equipment for school productions, workshops with actors/technicians.)
    • Author Visits/Storytelling (In-school workshops and assemblies, field trips to book stores, museums or other venue where author will be available.)
    • Visual Art (Field trips, residencies, workshops/assemblies -  sculpture installations, murals, bookmaking, filmmaking, etc.)
    • Musicals (Guest conductors, choreographers, professional  musicians who are working with students on a school musical and their materials and supplies.) 
    • Writing Workshops (In-school workshops, assemblies, field  trips, competitions and festivals.)
    • Teacher Professional Development (related to the Arts & Arts  Integration

    Provides a cost-effective way for school districts to bring arts programs to their students.